The holidays are the icing on the cake for bakery owner Hannah Swensen.  Surrounded by her loved ones at the annual Lake Eden, Minnesota Christmas potluck dinner, she has all the right ingredients for a perfect evening--until murder, a blizzard, and the imminent birth of her sister's baby are added to the mix...

Includes over 80 potluck recipes!
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What can I say about Joanne Fluke’s new book that hasn’t been said before?  This is a terrific series.  

Hannah Swenson, owner of The Cookie Jar bakery, has collected recipes for the Lake Eden Holiday Buffet Cookbook.  The final test of the recipes will be held at the annual Christmas Buffet.   

Martin Dubinski shows up at the buffet with his new wife, Brandi, who was a Vegas showgirl.  His ex-wife is also there.  Everyone tries to keep them apart.  Her mother’s new beau is there.  Hannah has a bad feeling about him, but hasn’t been able to discover anything specific.  Of course Hannah’s two “sometime” boyfriends are there as well, along with most of the town.  Her sister Andrea is nine months pregnant and wouldn’t miss the buffet for anything.   

Her mother has given her an antique Christmas cake knife to be used at the buffet.  Right before they put out the desserts, she discovers the knife is missing.  Unfortunately she finds it stuck in the new Mrs. Dubinski.  

Mike, one of Hannah’s “sometime boyfriends and a Deputy sheriff, is concerned the killer may still be at the party.  So, they need to investigate without anyone leaving.  Luckily there is a blizzard going on outside and they can use that as the excuse no one can leave.

Usually her books have some recipes, but this time there are over 25 recipes in the back of the book.  They sound delicious too!

Hannah is such a likeable character.  She and her sister, Andrea, and now her other sister, Michelle, are trying to help Mike by eliminating suspects.  With the help of Norman, her other “sometime” boyfriend, they begin to put the pieces together.

The setting for this series is Minnesota.  With all the cooking and investigating, what more could you want?  I highly recommend this book!  It’s a quick read.

Dawn Dowdle