Ever Feel Like Murdering Your Boss?

When a philandering lawyer is found dead in his office, there are plenty of suspects, including his partners, his wife, his discarded lady friends–and his long-suffering secretary.

Join legal assistant Kate Lawrence and her colleagues for an often exciting, always amusing, romp through the decorous offices of a New England law firm as they band together to exonerate one of their own.
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Kate Lawrence is tired of her marketing job. So she gets a job as a legal secretary. When she finds prominent attorney Alain Girouard murdered in his office, she and her colleagues set out to prove his secretary isn't the killer.

Since Girouard dated many women, even though he was married, the list of suspects seems to go on forever. Plus there's his wife, especially after Kate and her colleagues discover her lover. How does the local clairvoyant fit into this? And the horticulturist with an interest in deadly flora that works at the firm.

While Kate is helping to solve this mystery, she's also dealing with her lover's business trip to Columbia. He's also going to be visiting with family. She worries that maybe there is an old girlfriend that will attract his attention. And the condo development she lives in is constantly enforcing rules that don't make much sense. Who's turning her in?

Can they find the real killer without putting themselves at risk?

I really enjoyed this book. Kate, Margo, and Strutter are fabulous characters. The author has done a great job at capturing the life of a legal secretary. The camaraderie they form strengthens as they investigate the murder.

I enjoyed Kate's family and neighbors as well. Really added to the story. Her relationship with Armando did as well.

I got a kick out of the situations Kate found herself in. Reading this book was a great adventure. I highly recommend this book and look forward to reading more exploits of Kate and her friends.

Dawn Dowdle