Abby's latest gig is the perfect marriage of her talents. Not only does her bride-to-be cousin, Jillian, want Abby to be a bridesmaid--she also wants her to sign on as floral designer and sleuth . . . Though nearly once a year Jillian has agreed to marry a different man, she has yet to make it to the altar. But this time, it's cold dead feet that may stop the wedding. Before the couple says "I do," one of the groomsmen disappears and another member of the wedding party is found dead. Luckily for Abby, she has plenty of help-–including her brassy been-there-done-that assistant, a hunky bar owner with a penchant for love and justice, and her own family. Together, they aim to unveil the truth . . . and make sure the bride still gets her day to shine.
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Abby Knight runs Bloomers, a flower shop. She’s agreed to do the flowers for Jillian, her cousin who is to get married. Jillian has backed out of marriages before, but Abby is determined to see this one happen. She can’t afford to have it canceled! She’s also to be a bridesmaid in the wedding.

A groomsman disappears and then another member of the wedding party is found dead. Jillian enlists Abby to help solve the murder before her wedding is a fiasco.

Abby enlists the aid of Marco, the hunky bar owner. With him covering her back, Abby can’t get into trouble can she? This is such a fun series. I love Abby and her staff at the shop. Her mother and her art work add plenty of humor to the series as well. Then there’s Marco. What more can be said! But even with his help, Abby seems to get into her share, and then some, of dangerous situations. Be prepared to laugh out loud when reading this book! I highly recommend it!

Dawn Dowdle

Abby Knight becomes a businesswoman after she flunks out of law school. The business is Bloomers Florist Shop. Together with Grace, her assistant, and Lottie, the former owner, the trio are going to keep this Indiana shop afloat.

The first order of business today is dealing with Abby's cousin, Jillian. The two women have little in common but they are kin. They love each other but do not particularly get along. Jillian is going to be married and she is in a dither. I like Jillian but she is a bit scatty and portrays an airhead-type person. Today's crisis involves the stand ups and who each person will partner.

A wedding conversation between Jillian and Abby ceases when Marco, hot Marco, walks through the door. This is the man to whom Abby gave a promise not to meddle. Occasionally, well, quite often really, Abby is in trouble because of her curiosity and meddling. Marco is a former cop and his investigative skills alert him to the fact that Abby is not going to stop her meddling. Because he cares about her, he tries to be there for her when she gets in over her head. Abby decides to find out more about a massage parlor in town. The business does not advertise and only caters to men. The people there do not want Abby's curiosity.

The antics of Abby and her friends evoke laughter. She shares an apartment with her good friend, Nikki, and Nikki's cat, Simon. Abby thinks Simon shows good taste since she does not like Jillian. The status of family members being off-beat does not stop with Jillian. Abby's mother is a comical addition and not at all shy about speaking what is on her mind. Her mother considers herself to be artistic and often will offer monstrosity artifacts for the flower shop.

The wedding is in the near future. Abby is the florist and also a stand-up for the ceremony. Just when it seems that everything is going along smoothly, one of the groomsmen, Flip, disappears. The search begins. A body is found but it is not Flip. An arrest is made and that is when Abby really involves herself in this mystery. She is able to multi-task and keeps one eye on the suspicious massage parlor.

Love interest Marco reminds me of Joe Morelli in the Evanovich series. He has some of Joe's attitude. A former cop who does not fit the mold, Joe now owns a bar. He is a hunk and I envision some more romance action in future installments of this series.

The characters are the strength of this story and many of them are candidates for more pandemonium and humor. The first book in this series is MUM'S THE WORD.

Rita Ratacheck