Dangerously funny stuff.

Janet Evanovich regarding Lois Greiman's work
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Christina "Chrissy" McMullen is a psychologist. She used to be a cocktail waitress. Her gorgeous secretary Elaine "Laney" is a wanna-be actress. She can have just about any man she wants. So why did she choose Jeen Solberg, a nerd Chrissy had dated and rejected?

Now Solberg is missing. He went to a convention in Las Vegas and hasn't been seen or heard from since. Laney is worried. He called her regularly. Then nothing. She tried reaching him and a woman answered the phone. Chrissy agrees to find out what happened. She's hoping he's dead, because if he took up with a showgirl, she'll kill him herself.

Chrissy isn't sure what she feels for Lieutenant Jack Rivera. This just adds to her problems. Then she meets one of Solberg's associates. Can she trust him? As she gets closer to the truth, it becomes more dangerous. Can she find Solberg without putting herself in a killer's path?

I love this series. Chrissy is such a fun character. I find myself laughing out loud when I read these books. The predicaments she gets herself into in this book are truly entertaining. The sexual tension with her and Rivera adds to it, too. All the characters are well rounded and the plot moves along at a good pace. There are plenty of twists to keep you guessing. I highly recommend this book.

Dawn Dowdle