A Catholic women’s college, a skeleton in the library walls, a haunting apparition, and underground tunnels. Grace Marsden follows the thin thread of a murder committed fifty years ago right to the steps of the college and into the lives of alumnae. The search for the truth puts Grace, her husband and their friends in danger. She has rattled the chains of a fifty-year old mystery and somebody living wants to stop her dead in her tracks. As she unravels more secrets, Grace’s fears are mounting and so are the suspects. She sees motives and shadows everywhere until one dark, moonless night she follows a hunch that takes her across the nuns’ cemetery and into the tunnels under the college. Now a killer stalks her down long forgotten corridors. Evil is intent on repeating history from a night a half century ago.
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The Rosary Bride, is a twisty, taut, compelling story of love gone wrong, a fascinating haunting tale.

Carolyn Hart