matthew livingston and the millionaire murder
Dennis Sommer's gig as school tabloid reporter couldn't sink any lower. Interviewing a wealthy town resident is the ultimate contradiction of cool. When he finds the subject of his lukewarm periodical is a stone cold corpse, the police drag the young journalist in for their own version of questions and answers about the millionaire's mysterious death. Fear and confusion colliding, Dennis Sommers turns to the one person he believes can make any sense of it, Matthew Livingston. A genius of deduction and lateral thinking, Matthew will test science and theory to prove a murder was committed. With the ever confident Sandra Small at his side, Dennis is dispatched into an investigation that leads him into the very soul of evil. Crime, greed, and power show no remorse as a maniac builds a platform for mass terror, a platform only equaled by the determination of Matthew Livingston to stop it.
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The second title in Marco Conelli's 'Matthew Livingston Mystery Series', this time an intrepid young journalist named Dennis Sommer finds himself in trouble with the police when a wealthy man he was scheduled to interview is found dead under mysterious circumstances. That is when Dennis turns to Matthew Livingston who will use his incredible powers of deduction and lateral thinking to discover that the dead man was murdered -- but not by Dennis! Deftly written with plenty of plot points, twists and turns, "Matthew Livingston And The Millionaire Murder" is highly recommended reading for young adults who appreciate a well crafted and original work of mystery and suspense.

Midwest Book Review , July 23, 2009