A missing child, strange burglaries, the stalking of a teenager, and the horrendous murders of a mother and her daughter disrupt the peace of the beach community of Rocky Bluff. Officer Stacey Wilbur, first on the scene of both murders, assists Detective Doug Milligan with the investigations and finds herself breaking her self-enforced rule to never date anyone who works for the Rocky Bluff P.D.
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Rocky Bluff P.D. Series is a cross between Law & Order and As the World Turns. The story centers on the everyday lives of the law enforcement who serve and protect citizens of Rocky Bluff, California, a beach community.
In SMELL OF DEATH, the main characters of this police drama are Officer Flex Zachary who is married and is dealing with a previous shooting of a kid. Internal Affairs cleared him, but that doesn’t stop the nightmares. Even though he’s trying to hold it together, the guilt is affecting his marriage. He ends up being called in by Dr. Logue, the police psychiatrist.
Also, there is Stacey Wilbur, a young widow, mother of a young boy and is the only female on the force. She has two men interested in her. One is Detective Doug Milligan, divorced, father of two. He lives in a one and a half story Victorian and rents out a room to Officer Gordon Bulter, who happens to also be the second person interested in Stacey.
The saga opens with a daughter and mother murder. Both happened on the same night, but in different locations. Though Stacey believes these murders are related, evidence and a motive will have to be found. In the meantime, a little girl disappears, there’s arson to investigate and a rash of burglaries all keep Rocky Bluff’s finest busy. By the end of the book, cases will be closed, but the lives of the Rocky Bluff P.D. will keep on. We’ll be able to catch up though in the next series to come.

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