a well-kept family secret
The year is 1897, and Vincente Chavez rules the Red Light District in Old Los Angeles.  Someone plunges a knife into the heart of the young prostitute, Jessica, who lives in his home as his mistress. Unfortunately, she becomes no more than a brief footnote in Los Angeles history.  No one could predict how her death would affect other lives in the brief span of just over one hundred years.
P.I. Sandi Webster is in for the surprise of her life when her overbearing, menopausal mother, Livvie, arrives in Los Angeles and wants her to solve a very cold case – a century-old murder. Livvie throws in a buried treasure to enhance her chances of her daughter taking the case.
While Sandi and her partner, Pete Goldberg, work on a stalking case, the circumstances of the old murder begin to take shape.  Through research, old letters and newspaper articles, Sandi begins to see her grandfather in a new and unflattering light.
Who killed Jessica? Is there really a buried treasure? Sandi soon learns the truth and you’ll want to know, too.
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Sandi Webster is a fresh new addition to the ranks of female private investigator. You won’t want to miss this book or any of the future installments. A Well-Kept Family Secret is actually a little treasure itself.

Dorothy Bodoin, Darkness at Foxglove Corners

McGraw unleashes Sandi and Pete and a slightly wacky mother to solve a hundred year old murder. McGraw’s conversational style makes it a one-sitting read. The book is filled with lively characters and scenes the reader will long remember.

L.C. Hayden, Why Casey Had To Die, An Agatha Finalist for Best Novel