DEAR EARTH:  A Love Letter From Spring Hollow
It was to be just a weekend retreat, the cabin Radine Trees Nehring and her husband, John, built with their own hands on the land they bought in the Arkansas Ozarks. All they wanted was a once-a-week refuge from the stress and trials of life in the big city one hundred miles away. But Spring Hollow had a haunting magic they could never quite leave behind when they drove away every Sunday evening. The more they learned about the secrets of nature in their country hideway, the more reluctant they became to part from it. At last they realized that their hearts were always in Spring Hollow, and that was where they belonged too. They gave up secure jobs to devote themselves full-time to the beautiful but fast-receding natural world they had come to cherish. DEAR EARTH is Radine's warm and moving story of coming home to the whole earth, a window on her special world in the heart of America.