a river to die for
Carrie’s husband Henry plans an anniversary surprise: the two of them will join Carrie’s son Rob and Henry’s half-sister Catherine for a camping trip at the Buffalo National River. When Rob and Catherine disappear, Carrie, her friend Shirley, and Henry help search for them. A River to Die For features strong women fighting against literal darkness underground as well as the dark forces of evil. It will take strength to read this book about the best and worst that nature and man can throw at a woman. It will take a caring heart to understand how Henry King and Rob McCrite feel as they struggle to reach the women they love. This is the fifth book in Nehring’s Something to Die For mystery series.
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Carrie and Henry are newlyweds. Rob, Carrie's son who is a college professor with an interest in American Indians, calls and invites them on a camping/fishing trip with Catherine. She is Henry's long-lost half sister that Rob is now dating. Henry is thrilled about the trip. Carrie is not. So she decides to stay home.

There are many caves with artifacts where they're camping by the Buffalo National River. Rob and Catherine set off to explore. They get separated and Catherine is kidnapped by thieving locals. Rob scales a cliff to a cave and blacks out. Henry gets very concerned when they don't return. Carrie does too when she finds out. So she and her friend set out to join in the search. Can they be found safe and sound? Will Carrie or Henry be in danger, too?

I love this series. Carrie and Henry are such likeable characters. I love the various settings of these books as well. The peripheral characters really add to the mix. There are always plenty of twists and turns before getting to the conclusion to keep me turning the pages!

I highly recommend this book!

Dawn Dowdle

Fifth in the series of “To Die For” mysteries, Ms. Nehring offers a nice picture of the Buffalo National River area.

Newlyweds Henry and Carrie King are invited to spend a week’s vacation with Carrie’s college history professor son, Rob, and his lawyer girlfriend Catherine, who is also Henry’s half-sister. The younger couple met at the older couple’s wedding and romance ensued. During a hike, Rob and Catherine are attacked separately, and Catherine kidnapped. Henry, Carrie, Rob and Carrie’s girlfriend Shirley join forces to hunt for Catherine. Unlike some of the more formulaic mysteries, the whodunit is never a secret, and the trail of clues is out in the open.

A crime is not introduced until half way into A River to Die For. Until then, Ms. Nehring shares facts about the nature area and its history. Through the story, she explores the excitement of discovering personality traits and hobbies of a new marriage partner and a new romance. Both were sweet, loving couples. The curator of the Buffalo River National Area praised Ms. Nehring’s efforts to remind us that preservation and stewardship of our national areas is a responsibility to be proud of.

Lisa Lickel