under lock and key
Rona Shively is a private detective.  She’s smart, she’s sassy, she’s seriously confused.  She’s also got to pay the rent, so she takes on yet another crazy case.  Her new client, Ted McCafferty has asked for her assistance in finding out what happened to his sister.  All reports say that she was killed in a boating accident, but McCafferty thinks that her husband may be hiding something.  At first blush, her new client has a boyish charm and she feels very comfortable around him.  But things are never as they seem.  Before it’s over, Rona’s trapped in a basement with a dead body and an ex-boyfriend and things get ugly.  All of this plus an impromptu visit from her sister, an argument with her current boyfriend, Norm, and being questioned in connection with a local murder adds up to one stressed-out private detective who’s ready to crack.  Come along for the ride, Rona’s driving.
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I liked Rona Shively because she is so down-to-earth. She is so tough, but underneath that toughness lies a tender heart. The story is good, the plotting great. Rona’s obvious lack of martial arts training, those ever popular talents of most of today’s private investigators and law enforcement authorities, doesn’t affect her ability to handle her criminals. Read the book. It is another delightful, but short, mystery.

Lucille  P. Robinson of An Alternative

Under Lock and Key is an enjoyable, fun book! Rona Shively is a delightful character. I loved her off-beat, quirky personality and her outstanding sense of humor.

Rebecca Benston is a gifted author. Under Lock and Key is a well-written cozy mystery with an intriguing plot. I thoroughly enjoyed it and highly recommend it to others.

Connie Harris,