When small town Laundromat owner and stain-removal expert Josie Toadfern is informed that her estranged grandmother’s wishes are for her to attend
Thanksgiving with the family, she soon discovers that blood may be thicker than cranberry sauce… but it's a whole lot harder to get rid of!

Just as Josie’s starting to reacquaint herself with the quirky Toadfern crew,
she’s bowled over by an even bigger shock--her long lost parents show up,
apparently reconciled and living the highlife after a string of lucrative, if
shady, real estate moves. While her parents want to let bygones be bygones, most of the family, and especially Uncle Fenwick, want nothing to do with the no-good couple.

Family feuds come to a head when Josie stumbles across Uncle Fenwick’s dead body while on an afternoon walk. All signs point to her father as the culprit, so now instead of enjoying turkey, cranberries, and football like a normal family would (and using her best stain techniques to clean up the mess!), Josie must spend Thanksgiving tracking a killer, while trying to untangle family feuds that could land even more members in jail…or in the morgue.
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Josie Toadfern has been separated from her family since she was eight. Her parents dropped her off in the local orphanage, and her dad’s family refused to have anything to do with her.

Now her grandma “Mamaw” Toadfern wants her to come to Thanksgiving dinner. Against her better judgment, she accepts. Once there, she regrets going. Even more so when her long lost parents show up for dinner. Things go from bad to worse when she finds a dead relative while out walking with a friend.

Her mom begs her to help clear her father’s name. She doesn’t want to do it. But to keep peace in the town, she decides to help. Can she clear her father’s name and keep them from ruining the town with their new get-rich scheme? Can she do all this without putting herself in danger?

In the meantime, she is having second thoughts about her situation with her boyfriend.

Josie is a great character. I always enjoy reading a book in this series. She is so down to earth and likeable. It doesn’t surprise me all the situations she gets into.

The author has done a great job of creating a town full of quirky but likeable characters. I can’t wait for the next book. I highly recommend this book and the whole series.

Dawn Dowdle