Rhonda inherits a cabin and gift shop from her aunt and with the help of her handsome neighbor they search for the truth of her accidental death and reveals her private life--danger lurks just beneath the surface for Rhonda.
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Surprises await Rhonda in the small mountain town where she inherited a gift shop and cabin from her late aunt. She must remain in the cabin for six months before she actually inherits and she is not entirely certain that she wants to put her life on hold for that long, but she's packed a few belongings and traveled to the mountains to see what the cabin and shop are like.

Tom Walker, her new neighbor, is extremely handsome, was a good friend of her aunt, and seems to be very interested in making sure that she is settling in comfortably. Mable, the owner of the local cafe is a warm, friendly woman who was also a friend of her aunt. They both apparently have some reservations about the accident which killed  her aunt.

This story has a lot of potential. It has a lovely setting, interesting characters, and there is non-stop action. I would have liked to have seen the characters fleshed out a bit more, and perhaps the action slowed down a tad, but overall it is an enjoyable afternoon read. I would like to see more writing from this author and possibly even see this book as the beginning of a series with more characterization and detail to the setting.

Mary Fairchild