The shocking suicide of the beloved and wealthy patriarch of his Indiana hometown lures investigative reporter Nick Bertetto briefly out of his new role as stay-at-home dad to take a closer look.  The dead man left a will that bequeathed a huge sum of money to a religious organization called Children of the Second Advent, now run by his granddaughter Martha.  Martha’s beautiful friend Anna—who is Nick’s former lover—sees visions of the Virgin Mary claiming the Second Coming of Christ is imminent. The two women are convinced Martha’s grandfather was murdered.

Nick soon comes to the chilling realization that the women have the most to gain by a murder investigation—especially since her grandfather’s generous bequest to her organization is void if his death is ruled a suicide.  Nick receives a warning to back off—or else—leaving no doubt that sinister motives are at work.  Soon a dark picture of fanaticism, con artists, “miracles,” and cold hard cash lead Nick closer to a killer dead set on making sure there will be no second coming…or second chances, for Nick.
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(A) distinctive first novel

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A winning first novel

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