Cassidy McCabe refuses to believe her sweet, sensitive, and sometimes depressed stepson could have shot his girlfriend Kit--but can she prove it? All evidence points to Bryce, and even his father Zach is having a hard time believing his claims of innocence...

With an unexpected pregnancy, a drug dealing ex-boyfriend, and a minister father who has something to hide, Kit had plenty of people who may have wanted her dead. Cassidy must untangle the lies and sort the clues to save Bryce...though her bigger challenge may be reconciling a son in need with his gruff, journalistic father...will she ever have the family she imagined?
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Cassidy McCabe and her husband Zach are called out of their anniversary party by Zach’s son, Bryce, calls in a panic. Bryce is a college student living nearby with his girlfriend. When they arrive, they find Kit has been killed and Bryce is in shock.

Before the police are called, Zach, an investigative reporter, and Cassidy check things out. They find there was no forced entry and some interesting e-mails.

Zach tries to take charge, with some help from Cassidy, and investigate to find the real killer. Bryce is the prime suspect and is not very cooperative with Zach and Cassidy. Things don’t look good for Bryce. Can he and Zach put aside their problems long enough for the real killer to be found?

While investigating, Cassidy and Zach learn a lot about Kit and her family. Could they be involved? Could it have been her ex-boyfriend? If Bryce doesn’t open up, they might never find out.

I really enjoy this series. The interaction between Cassidy and Zach is well-written. I haven’t read many where Bryce was an integral part, and I felt I got to know him better through this book. The characters were well-rounded and the plot construction was great. It kept me guessing right up to the unveiling of the killer. I highly recommend this book.

Dawn Dowdle