New In July 2011

Genteel Spirits by Alice Duncan
Pele's Tears
Pele's Tears by Sharon Garner
When Noelani Beecham discovers she still has feelings for her childhood friend, first crush, and notorious good-timer Dante Kahoa, she wonders how they can operate and diversify Lehua, a jointly inherited Hawaiian flower farm. As friendship catches fire a second time between these longtime friends, they discover that the legendary trio of egg-size gems they thought was a family myth really exists, and a mysterious note writer is willing to use violence as encouragement for them to find and hand over Pele's Tears...

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Wined And Died by Cricket McRae
Pie A la Murder
Pie A La Murder by Melinda Wells
Nicholas D'Martino, the man in TV cooking show host Della Carmichael's life, surprises her with the news that he has an 18 year old daughter he hasn't seen since she was a baby. The girl, who has grown up in Europe, has contacted him to say that she's coming to Los Angeles to live with him. Della is genuinely happy for Nicholas, but her best friend, Liddy, is horrified. Liddy tells Della that the biggest threat to a romantic relationship is a man's daughter from a previous marriage...

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