pele's tears
When Noelani Beecham discovers she still has feelings for her childhood friend, first crush, and notorious good-timer Dante Kahoa, she wonders how they can operate and diversify Lehua, a jointly inherited Hawaiian flower farm. As friendship catches fire a second time between these longtime friends, they discover that the legendary trio of egg-size gems they thought was a family myth really exists, and a mysterious note writer is willing to use violence as encouragement for them to find and hand over Pele's Tears. In between deciphering clues, convincing Dante to help her, and dodging arranged accidents, Lani would really like to see Dante's tattoo and catch her first green flash in a Hawaiian sunset. As they search for the gems, Dante and Lani learn that an easy friendship can forge itself into an enduring love.

Pele's Tears is a contemporary romantic suspense that takes place in a lush Hawaiian setting full of flowers, myth, and lore. It's populated by unique characters, including a nervous ornithologist, a former bad-boy boyfriend who's now a librarian, an amorous Australian surfer, a sullen, motorcyle-riding flower harvester, and a celibate wild rooster named The Colonel.
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A sexy hero, a take-charge heroine in a lush tropical setting! Sharon K. Garner's knowledge of Hawaii sparkles in this terrific romantic suspense.

Susan Meier, bestselling author

Sharon K. Garner combines the best of suspense and romance in her new novel, Pele's Tears. Her skillful and knowledgeable look at the Hawaiian setting and culture enriches the story of Lani and Dante as they struggle to overcome the pain in their shared past and discover the person who threatens their very lives for the sake of Pele's Tears.

Martha Johnson/Marta Perry, bestselling author