2011 Mysteries

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Find out about all the great mysteries publishing in 2011 by authors on our site.

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2011 Mysteries
Adams, Ellery A Deadly Cliché 3/11
Atkins, Melanie Flash Bang 3/11
Atkins, Melanie Unwilling Accomplice 2/11
Atkins, Melanie Perfect Partner 6/11
Atkins, Melanie Marked For Murder 4/11
Atkins, Melanie Shield Of Valor 9/11
Ballard, Mignon Miss Dimple Rallies To The Cause 2011
Benson, Raymond and Milius, John Homefront--The Voice Of Freedom 2/11
Benson, Raymond The Black Stiletto 9/11
Buehler, Luisa The Reenactors:  A Staged Death 3/11
Byerrum, Ellen Shot Through Velvet 2/11
Cleland, Jane K. Deadly Threads 4/11
Collins, Kate Night Of The Living Dandelion 4/11
Cruse, Lonnie Fifty-Seven Traveling (paperback) 7/11
Daheim, Mary The Alpine Vengeance 4/11
Davis, Cindy Dying to Teach 3/11
Delaney, Kathleen Murder Half Baked 5/11
Duncan, Alice Pecos Valley Revival 1/11
Duncan, Alice Fallen Angels 5/11
Duncan, Alice Genteel Spirits 7/11
Ehrhart, Peggy Got No Friend Anyhow 1/11
Garner, Sharon Pele's Tears 7/11
Groundwater, Beth Deadly Currents 3/11
Hiestand, Jo Swan Song 4/11
Hiestand, Jo A Well Dressed Corpse 4/11
Ihle, Coco She Had To Know 4/11
Johnston, Linda O. Beaglemania 3/11
Lane, Vicki Under The Skin 10/11
Levine, Laura Pampered To Death 8/11
Maffini, Mary Jane The Busy Woman's Guide To Murder 4/11
McRae, Cricket Wined And Died 7/11
Murphy, Michael Scorpion Bay 4/11
Osterman, Helen Macie The Elusive Relation 9/11
Sellers, L. J. Passions Of The Dead 2011
Shlian, Deborah and Reid, Linda Devil Wind 4/11
Simon, Clea Dogs Don't Lie 4/11
Simon, Clea Grey Zone 4/11
Stoler, Cathi Telling Lies 4/11
Swift, Sue Fashion Victim 2/11
Wagner, Jeremy The Armageddon Chord 8/11
Wait, Lea Shadows Of A Down East Summer 4/11
Wells, Melinda Pie A La Murder 7/11
Winston, Lois Assault With A Deadly Glue Gun 1/11
Wright, Nancy Means The Nightmare 9/11