Scorpion Bay
Desperate to solve his wife's murder, an investigative reporter uses hi-tech weapons and martial arts, inadvertently creating an urban legend that jeopardizes his quest, his life and the lives of those around him.  Suspecting a powerful bioengineering industrialist ordered his wife's murder, the reporter conceals his identity and slips aboard the man's yacht at Scorpion Bay. After finding evidence that links the latest designer drug to the industrialist's company, he leaves the yacht and saves a woman from assault at the marina.  The press dubs her rescuer, the Scorpion Bay Vigilante. Media frenzy to uncover the identity of the unknown avenger complicates the reporter's quest. He struggles to hide his involvement from the press, an ambitious coworker, local authorities, an obsessed fan, drug dealers and the industrialist's powerful organization, all to uncover the truth behind his wife's murder before he is exposed as the Scorpion Bay Vigilante.