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Mary Daheim
Seattle native Mary Richardson Daheim was born curious. As a child, she constantly asked questions. Before she could drive her parents nuts, she learned to read and to find some answers in books. Mysteries were an early favorite (especially the Cherry Ames nurse series), and soon she progressed to reading adult writers. She realized that by becoming a journalist she could accomplish two things: 1) Ask people embarrassing questions in the name of her profession; 2) Support herself until she published a book. Strangely enough, when she finally got published in 1983, the category was historical romance (which came as a surprise to her--she thought she was writing a straight historical novel, since history was another interest). Eventually, she moved onto the mystery scene. Daheim has two series--the B & B books for Morrow/Avon and the Alpine mysteries for Random House/Ballantine. A graduate in communications from the University of Washington, she has been married to David Daheim for over forty years and have three married daughters and two grandchildren.

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  • Love's Pirate
  • Destiny's Pawn
  • Pride's Captive
  • Passion's Triumph
  • King's Ransom
  • Improbable Eden
  • Gypsy Baron

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