In the paw prints of the Kendra Ballantyne Pet-Sitter series comes Linda O. Johnston’s delightful Pet Rescue Mysteries. Lauren Vancouver is the head of HotRescues, a no-kill animal shelter north of Los Angeles, but it’s often human nature that puts her in the path of danger…

At a particularly nasty puppy mill, Lauren helps rescue four adorable beagle puppies that were dumped down a drainpipe, and she’s pretty sure she knows who is responsible. Efram Kiley, one of the mill’s employees, has a history of dog abuse. And it seems he has a bone to pick with Lauren, because he soon shows up at HotRescues demanding payment and threatening her. But when Efram is found dead at the shelter, Lauren becomes the prime suspect, and she’ll have to sniff out the real killer to keep herself out of a cage—for life…