2009 Mysteries

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2009 Mysteries
Alleyn, Susanne The Cavalier Of The Apocalypse 7/09
Boyle, Gerry Port City Shakedown 6/09
Buehler, Luisa The Inn Keeper 4/09
Burrell, Teresa The Advocate 8/09
Camacho, Austin S. Russian Roulette 6/09
Campbell, Chester The Surest Poison 4/09
Castillo, Holli Gumbo Justice 6/09
Childs, Laura Oolong Dead 3/09
Childs, Laura Tragic Magic 10/09
Childs, Laura Eggs Benedict Arnold 12/09
Cleland, Jane Killer Keepsakes 4/09
Colley, Barbara Dusted To Death 2009
Collins, Kate Evil In Carnations 2/09
Conant-Park, Jessica &Conant, Susan Fed Up 3/09
Conelli, Marco Matthew Livingston And The Millionaire's Murder 2009
Connor, Beverly Scattered Graves 2/09
Cook, Alan Run Into Trouble 1/09
Craig, Christie Gotcha 6/09
Craig, Christie Divorced, Desperate and Deceived 12/09
Daheim, Mary The Alpine Uproar 6/09
Daniels, Casey Night Of The Loving Dead 1/09
Daniels, Casey Dead Man Talking 10/09
David, Evelyn Murder Takes The Cake 5/09
Davis, Cindy A Little Murder 3/09
Davis, Cindy and John Richters Healing Magic 2/09
Del Monte, Joan Mud Blood 1/09
Fluke, Joanne Cream Puff Murder 3/09
Fluke, Joanne Plum Pudding Murder 10/09
Frazier, Sunny Over In A Flash 1/09
Frazier, Sunny Where Angels Fear 2/09
Grace, Margaret Malice In Miniature 2/09
Grace, Margaret Mourning In Miniature 10/09
Griffey, Jackie Stranger In Paradise 3/09
Groundwater, Beth To Hell In A Handbasket 5/09
Hansen, Jim Michael Voodoo Laws 3/09
Hansen, Jim Michael Ancient Laws 9/09
Harris, Rosemary The Big Dirt Nap 2/09 
Hart, Carolyn Dare To Die 3/09
Hart, Carolyn Merry, Merry Ghost 11/09
Hiestand, Jo A. A Terrible Enemy 9/09
Ingraham, Jim Remains To Be Seen 7/08
Ivie, Judith A Skeleton In the Closet 3/09
Jackson, Sherry The Windy Forest 4/09
Johnston, Linda O. Never Say Sty 4/09
Johnston, Linda O. Alpha Wolf 1/09
Johnston, Linda O. Back To Life 6/09
Johnston, Linda O. Howl Deadly 12/09
Kiely, Tracy Murder at Longbourn 9/09
Killian, Diana Docketful Of Poesy 4/09
Killian, Diana Dial Om For Murder 11/09
Lane, Vicki The Day Of Small Things 2009
Lanyon, Josh Somebody Killed His Editor 2009
Lanyon, Josh The White Mountains 2009
Lanyon, Josh 5th Adrien English Mystery (untitled) 2009
Levine, Laura Killer Cruise 5/09
Lloyd, David Anathema 2009
Lourey, Jess September Grace 9/09
Maffini, Mary Jane Law And Disorder 11/09
Maffini, Mary Jane Death Loves A Messy Desk 5/09
Mandel, Morgan Killer Career 8/09
McGraw, Marja Prudy's Back! 1/09
McGraw, Marja The Bogey Man 4/09
McRea, Cricket Spin A Wicked Web 3/09
Mehl, Nancy Missing Mabel 2009
Meredith, Marilyn Dispel The Mist 9/09
Meredith, F.M. No Sanctuary 2009
Orenduff, J. Michael The Pot Thief Who Studied Pythagoras 2/09
Osterman, Helen Macie The Stranger In The Opera House 9/09
Osterman, Helen Macie Notes In A Mirror 11/09
Penny, Louise The Brutal Telling 10/09
Rand, E. J. Perfect Cover 1/09
Rand, E. J. Higher Calling 6/09
Roy, Allyson Babydoll 8/09
Ryan, Hank Phillippi Prime Time 6/09
Ryan, Hank Phillippi Face Time 7/09
Ryan, Hank Phillippi Air Time 8/09
Scott, Michele Corked By Cabernet 2/09
Shaw, June Killer Cousins 1/09
Shlian, Deborah & Linda Reid Dead Air 12/09
Shmurak, Carole Death at Hilliard High 9/09
Sikes, Mary Montague Mistaken Identity 4/09
Simon, Clea Probable Claws 4/09
Smith, Sylvia Dickey Dead Wreckoning 4/09
St. James, Morgan & Phyllice Bradner Seven Deadly Samovars 9/09
Stanley, J. B. The Battered Body 3/09
Stanton, Mary Angel's Advocate 6/09
Star, April The Last Resort 6/09
Sweeney, Leann The Cat, The Quilt And The Corpse 5/09
Swift, Sue Puckheads 10/09 
Tynan, J. D. Charlie Ford Meets The X 2009
Walus, Yvonne Eve Murder @ Play 8/09
Wells, Melinda Death Takes The Cake 2/09
Wisseman, Sarah The Fall Of Augustus 10/09