russian roulette
Washington D.C.’s professional troubleshooter, Hannibal Jones, is forced to take a case at gunpoint. Ivanovich, a Russian assassin, will kill Hannibal’s woman if Hannibal refuses to investigate Gana, the smooth, wealthy Algerian who has stolen the heart of Viktoriya, the woman Ivanovich loves.
At first the case looks simple – what woman wouldn’t choose a rich African businessman over a professional killer? But then evidence connects Gana to Russian mob money and the apparent suicide of Viktoriya’s father. Further investigation reveals that Gana may not be who he says he is. Then more deaths follow, closing in Viktoriya. At first working only to protect Cindy’s life, Hannibal is soon chasing the truth for its own sake and must fight his way through past lies, present jealousies and the Red Mafiya to finally learn the real reason that death is stalking the couple.
Gana’s lies and organized crime appear to be the cause of the murders. But to learn the truth Hannibal must survive a dramatic final shootout side-by-side with his murderous client.
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In RUSSIAN ROULETTE, Austin S. Camacho's latest Hannibal Jones mystery, the thrills start on page one and never let up!

Hannibal is being forced to dig up the facts on a wealthy and well-connected Algerian who is set to marry the daughter of a deceased big wig within the Russian mob! Her old flame, Aleksandr Ivanovich (an enforcer for the same group of 'gentlemen') needs to know if his beloved will be cared for the way he thinks she deserves.  To insure Hannibal's cooperation, Alexander gives an ultimatum: Protect the love of my life or lose yours!  Given no choice, Hannibal sets out to get the information on a man who may not be at all what he seems!

All the while, Hannibal's girlfriend Cindy is unaware she is in any danger and is busy looking for her dream house she wants to share with Hannibal--but is he ready for that kind of commitment? Add in the fact that Cindy has a lot more money than Hannibal and his male ego may be getting in the way of his lifetime of happiness with the woman he loves.  But before he can make any commitments, he has to save her life--without her even knowing about it.

In RUSSIAN ROULETTE, Hannibal gets to do what Hannibal does best--kick butt and take names--and he never even gets a scratch on those signature Oakleys!

This is hands-down and by far the BEST Camacho novel YET!  The pacing is fast, the action is heart-pounding and Mr. Camacho's word choice is sublime!  The pictures he paints with words are worthy of the term MASTERPIECE! 

If you're only going to read one thriller this year--make it RUSSIAN ROULETTE, but read it TWICE!

Laine Estep

Hannibal Jones is a man you go to in order to get the job done, and in Russian Roulette Jones isn't given a choice about his new job.  Just as I need coffee to start each day, I need the books by Camacho in my reading pile. Fast paced with terrific action this book satisfies on many levels. The settings are wonderful and the characters are well drawn. Russian Roulette starts with a revving engine and picks up speed till racing across the finish line. If I was in trouble I'd want Hannibal Jones on my speed dial.
Jon Jordan, Editor, Crimespree Magazine

Austin is one helluva writer. So good that I went into the book trying to pick up a pointer or two by keeping an eye out for what he was doing. But before I knew it, several chapters had flown by and I was too absorbed in a good book to pay any attention to the details. What Austin shows off in his novel is not just the ability to forge a sentence or a paragraph, but how to create an interesting story with a steady pace that keeps you hooked for hours at a time.

Hugh Howey, Crime Critics blog