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Prime Time made the Boston Globe Top Ten Best Seller list.
PRIME TIME introduces forty-something investigative reporter Charlie (Charlotte) McNally. Charlie’s smart, successful and devoted to Italian clothing designers--but she’s worried her news director is about to replace her with a younger model.

On the hunt for a story that will save her job, Charlie suspects some of that annoying Spam clogging her computer is more than cyber junk mail. She discovers it actually carries big-money secret messages to the big-shot insiders who know how to decode it. Problem is, the last outsider who deciphered the system now resides in the local morgue. So this could be the biggest story of Charlie's already successful television career--or the one that may end her life. Charlie's also facing another dilemma: what happens when a top-notch TV reporter is married to her job--but the camera doesn't love her anymore?

It’s an action-filled page-turner, with humor, romance and a scheme so timely and innovative you’ll wonder why someone hasn’t tried it. A twist of an ending will have readers going back to the beginning to check for all the clues they missed.
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Charlie (Charlotte) McNally is an investigative reporter. She has won many Emmy’s, but now that she’s in her forties, she’s worried they will replace her with someone younger.

While she and her producer Franklin are looking for a hit story for sweeps in November, they stumble upon a man killed in a car crash. In a routine interview with the wife, they begin uncovering information but they just aren’t sure where it’ll lead. Much of it is SPAM. Could this be anything more than just e-mail SPAM? If so, what does it mean?

They keep following the leads. Soon there is another death, some thefts, and an attack. They know they must be on the right track, but they just can’t put the pieces together. Plus Charlie finds romance. Can she trust him?

Can they scoop the other news agencies before anyone else is injured? Can they do it for sweeps?

I loved Charlie. She is such a fun character. Very down to earth and the story line was very believable. Using SPAM is such a timely issue. I could see someone doing this and getting away with it. It would be hard to catch.

Franklin and Josh were great characters, too. Really added to the story.

I can’t wait to read the next! Please write faster! I highly recommend this book.

Dawn Dowdle