In KILLER KEEPSAKES, the fourth Josie Prescott Antiques Mystery, Josie’s cheerful and helpful assistant, Gretchen, who turned up unexpectedly just as Josie was setting up shop in New Hampshire, doesn’t show up for work one day. Surprise turns to alarm when a dead body is found in Gretchen’s home—and Gretchen is the prime suspect. Josie sets out to find the real killer, and using her knowledge of antiques, discovers long-buried secrets that help bring Gretchen safely home.
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Josie Prescott hired Gretchen to be the assistant at Prescott's Antiques and Appraisals some time ago.  When Gretchen doesn't show up for work one day, Josie becomes concerned.  When a dead man is found in Gretchen's house, Gretchen becomes the prime suspect.

Josie is certain Gretchen isn't a killer.  But as she begins to investigate, she realizes she doesn't know much about Gretchen and even less about Gretchen's past.  She is more determined than ever to find Gretchen and help prove her innocence.  Some of the information she turns up does make her begin to question where Gretchen could really be the killer.

I love the characters and settings of these books.  Josie and all the people working with her are such a great group.  The plots are so well-written.  The characters are three-dimensional and I often forget this is fiction.

I am not a big fan of antiques, but I learn a lot from each book in this series.  And I love the New Hampshire setting.  While Josie often gets herself into some jams, she is a very smart woman and always finds a way to get out of these tight spots.

I highly recommend this series and book.

Dawn Dowdle