howl deadly
Self-proclaimed murder-magnet and L.A. lawyer Kendra Ballantyne lives up to her nickname when a sexy weekend in the San Bernadino Mountains turns deadly. And worst of all, she suspects that her beau knows more than he’s telling…
Howl Deadly
Kendra’s steamy weekend getaway with gorgeous millionaire Dante DeFrancisco turns chilling when a mother she-wolf goes missing from Dante’s pet sanctuary—and the only thing the search party finds is the wolf’s caretaker dead in a cage, with a bullet in his head.
No stranger to murder, Kendra starts hunting for suspects. Was it an angry local? A sanctuary volunteer? Or, worst of all, Dante and his movie-star pal, who apparently share a mysterious past—and enigmatic ties to the victim? Now Kendra must find the escaped wolf—along with the killer hiding right before of her eyes...
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The mama wolf goes missing at the wild animal sanctuary Dante runs.  Kendra jumps in to help find her.  Since a human would have had to help her escape, everyone related to the sanctuary is a suspect.  An employee is found dead.  He doesn't seem to be who he said he was.  Can Kendra figure out who killed him and why as well as who kidnapped the mama wolf and why?


I really enjoy this series.  Kendra is such a likeable sleuth.  Dante DeFrancisco, the new man in her life, is growing on me as well.  I like the other regulars in the series.  I always look forward to reading a book in this series.  I highly recommend this book and series.

Dawn Dowdle