cactus flower
When a desperate Eulalie Gibb comes to Rio Penasco to escape a murderous maniac, no one, least of all Eulalie herself, believes she'll find the love of her life there. Eulalie, who grew up with her sister Patsy in her family’s traveling theatrical company in New York City, is almost prepared for life in Wild West—until she meets Nick Taggart. Then she’s pretty sure she’s come to the wrong place entirely.
As for Nick—who barely escaped a family full of managing females with his hide intact—even if he believed in true love, which he doesn’t, he can’t imagine his personal love being the prickly Eulalie Gibb. He likes his life the way it is: living with his jolly old uncle Junius and being a blacksmith in the uncivilized and blessedly remote town of Rio Penasco.
They both have a lot to learn.
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Five Angels! Recommended Read!--Alice Duncan has written another great book with Cactus Flower. I enjoyed reading her book and could not put it down. It is a refreshing and entertaining read. The emotions and humor are plenty. Nick and Eulalie keep you reading until the end. Uncle Junius is a funny old man and he will make you laugh from the start. Cactus Flower is one of the best western romances I have read in along time. I applaud you Ms. Duncan for such a fantastic book and I recommend this book highly.

Moonluster, Fallen Angels Reviews

A charming western tale with a plucky heroine and a cast of memorable characters. Truly a delightful read.

Madeline Baker, bestselling author of DAKOTA DREAMS