gilded death
The gala June engagement party of Imogen Revel in the ballroom of Mon Plaisir, her family's Newport mansion, is tragically interrupted by the death of her fiancÚ Hugh Dockings after drinking from a glass of poisoned burgundy. The death becomes even more mysterious when it is discovered that the wine goblet had been Imogen's, not Hugh's. Which was the intended victim? Amateur sleuth Caroline Kent and Newport Police Detective Hank Nightingale are reunited in this second in the Newport Mystery series.
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I really like this series set in Newport.  In this second book, amateur sleuth Caroline Kent and Newport Police Detective Hank Nightengale are no longer dating but are thrown back together in the investigation.  At the engagement part of Imogen Revell, her fiancÚ, Hugh, dies after drinking a poisoned glass of burgundy.  But who was the intended victim?  The glass was Imogen's.    The setting is fabulous in this series.  Newport is a place I'd like to explore.  Since I haven't been able to, I enjoy exploring it through these books.  The mystery is well plotted with great characters.  I highly recommend this book.

Dawn Dowdle