In the shadow of Diane Fallon’s new forensic lab in Georgia, a land survey crew has discovered three bodies hanging in an isolated patch of woods. The sensational case has aroused the interest of the media, unnerved the locals—and inspired a gruesome game between the killer and Diane. It begins with taunting e-mails and chilling phone calls. Where it leads is a personal investigation as each bizarre clue brings Diane closer to danger.
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Diane Fallon is a Museum Director and has a crime lab attached to the museum.  She is also a forensic anthropologist.

Her crime lab team is called to investigate three bodies found hanging in the woods.  Two land surveryors found them.  Not only does Diane’s team examine the bodies and clothing, Diane is a knot expert and finds out some interesting information from the various knots.

Then one of the surveyors is found murdered.  Are these cases related?  There are too many coincidences for everyone to think they aren’t related.  But they have a tough time finding any evidence to link them.

Diane begins getting calls and e-mails that she believes are from the killer.  She finds herself in danger more than once. 

There are two more murders.  She is concerned about everyone involved with this case.  Are they being picked off one by one?  Why?  What is the connection?

Diane is also an expert caver.  She and some co-workers are planning to go caving.  

Diane spends some time with Frank and his daughter.  She is concerned whether she is putting them in danger.

Can she connect all the dots in time?

This is a terrific book.  I found it difficult to put down.  Move over Patricia Cornwell.  This is a fabulous forensic investigation series.  I can’t wait for the next book!

Ms. Connor presents her intricate knowledge of forensics in a way that is understandable by lay people.  It makes it much more enjoyable to understand how and why they can figure out the crime.

 The characters in this series work well together.  She has come up with a way to intertwine the museum and crime lab.  This is a winning series.

I highly recommend this book!  If you missed the first one, One Grave Too Many, I recommend you read it as well.

Dawn Dowdle