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author of football mystery thriller

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C. K. Laurence
C.K. Laurence lives on Miami Beach in her home that has been dubbed “The Laurence Manor.” She shares the residence with her husband, Peter, who is a dentist and private pilot, presently building an RV-9. They have four grown children, Josh, Abigail, Emily and Zachary. Also living with the Laurences are a Besenji/Shiba Inu mix (dog)--Princessa of Laurence Manor; a fifteen-year-old, grouchy cat, Tuffie; a pond full of goldfish, and a python named “Football.”

The author has a Masters Degree in Sports Administration from St. Thomas University, and has worked professionally with the University of Miami Hurricane football team--where she received a National Championship ring--and for the Miami Heat basketball team.

While doing research for the football mystery thriller THE QUARTERBACK’S DEMONS, C.K. put in countless hours with detectives and CSI personnel from the Miami Beach Police Department to assure authenticity in the novel. She continues to meet with Miami Beach homicide, narcotics and CSI detectives, and for one of the murder mysteries she is presently working on, with internet crime investigators, psychiatrists and psychologists specializing in multiple personality disorders.

C.K. is a passionate football fan. She holds Miami Dolphins season tickets, in her words, “forever and ever,” and bleeds orange and green for the University of Miami Hurricanes.

Currently, C.K. is working on two novels, one of which is a sequel to DEMONS, and the other, also a mystery, about sports blogging.

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