When a photograph is found among her mother's possessions, Clea Reilly embarks on a search into the past and discovers more than she bargained for. Now haunted by old secrets, she faces new challenges and dangers that will test her to the limit. To complicate her life even more are a rebellious teenage daughter, a mother suffering from Alzheimer's, ex-husband, and mixed feelings about a new man in her life. Mystery, romance, danger--a threesome for an enjoyable read.
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The first time I read Secrets, I couldn't put it down. Author, Carla Dietz Fortier, kept drawing me in as her characters played out their roles in her intricately woven plot. Her protagonist, Clea, is a successful portrait photographer in a modest town in the Pacific Northwest. Despite interference from a conniving ex-husband, she does her best to raise their teenage daughter. To further complicate her life, Clea must deal with the dementia that has driven her mother into a local nursing home. It is this older woman's condition that forces Clea to look elsewhere for help in explaining an old photograph she found among her mother's possessions. Her curiosity about the picture triggers an obsession that eventually unlocks long lost secrets about her mother and herself.

When I reread Secrets, I focused on the author's writing skills. I found her descriptions rich, varied and exceptionally sensual for this genre. Her dialogue sounded real and helped move the story along. I concluded that this author can flat out write.

Secrets is an amazing read.

Ray Paul, author of Cabbage Requiem and Between the Rows