Ever since cemetery tour guide Pepper Martin banged her head on a headstone, she sees dead people. Worse still, she hears them--and they won't shut up.  Now it's Didi Bowman, a poodle-skirted relic from the Great Beyond, who's bending Pepper's ear, complaining that her famous author sister, Merilee, has done her wrong.  Trouble is if Pepper proves it, she'll break the hearts of millions of Merilee's fans.  And if she doesn't, Didi's ghost may never go away.  Pepper needs peace and quiet, not to mention rent money, so she agrees to take a job as Merilee's secretary and dig around the family tree.  But when she unearths more than she bargained for--like an illegitimate daughter, a bunch of illicit love affairs, and a possible murder--suddenly a very poisoned pen is all set to write Pepper out of the story permanently.
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Pepper Martin has just finished solving Gus’ murder and is happy she won’t be seeing ghosts any more, until Didi Bowman shows up who’s been dead for fifty years. She claims she’s the real author of the Civil War novel “So Far The Dawn” by Merilee Bowman, her sister. Merilee is coming to town for the opening of the new museum related to the book and Pepper’s boss Ella at the cemetery turns out to be a huge fan of her book.

Pepper decides to look into Didi’s claims, but is often unsure of whether she believes Didi. She ends up working for Merilee which is no picnic. When there’s an attempt at Pepper’s life, she decides there must be something to this and starts digging deeper. She knows this is probably putting her in more danger. Detective Quinn Harrison was watching her back, wasn’t he? Could she figure out who the real author of the novel is without ending up in the cemetery permanently?

I love this fun cozy series. Pepper is such a great character. She’s funny but definitely not stupid. There aren’t many ghost mysteries I like, but I love this series. I like how Pepper often says things in public to a ghost and has to quick cover up the fact that she was talking to a ghost. I like the sexual tension between Pepper and Quinn. The mystique of Dan adds to the series as well.

I can’t wait for the next one. I highly recommend this book and series.

Dawn Dowdle