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Murder HE Wrote- From a chick detective to geezer lit detective

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David Ciambrone
Dr. David Ciambrone is a retired executive, scientist, professor, magician, US Treasury Commissioner and author living in Georgetown, Texas.

He has published SIX mysteries. Five in the Virginia Davies Series; Laguna Treasure, Napa Nights, Pelican Cove, Castle Finlaystoke and Left at Georgetown. Number six, Dave’s newest book, San Gabriel’s Secret, is the first in the Adam Thomas series. He is presently working on a new Virginia Davies novel.

Dr. Ciambrone has woven his background in police procedures, magic, science and engineering into the stories.

He is vice president of Sisters-in-Crime; a member of Mystery Writers of America, President of the San Gabriel’s Writer’s League, Member of the Board of Directors of the Texas Writer’s league. Dave also writes a helpful hint newspaper column under the name “Ask Uncle Dave” for the Williamson County Sun.

Dr. Ciambrone has also published three best selling management books and a handbook on poisons.

Mysteries by Author:

  • Virginia Davies Series:
  • Laguna Treasure
  • Napa Nights
  • Pelican Cove
  • Castle Finlaystoke
  • Left at Georgetown
  • Adam Thomas series:
  • San Gabriel's Secret

Other Books by Author:

  • Non-fiction:
  • Poison Handbook for Writers
  • Effective Transition from Design to Production
  • Environmental Life cycle Analysis
  • Waste Minimization as a Strategic Weapon

For lots more information, please visit David Ciambrone, Sc. D. at www.davidciambrone.com.