Carnegie feels the heat in more ways than one when she helps with an old friend's wedding in glamorous Sun Valley. Her latest bridegroom is Jack "the Knack" Packard, a studly smokejumper who just happens to be Carnegie's old flame. Throw in a ballistic bride, an AWOL florist, and a certain supercilious Frenchman, and the threat of forest fires almost comes as a relief.

But then murder comes skydiving down to the hottest event of the season, when a fire-fighting tool becomes a deadly weapon. Could one of the local heroes really be a secret villain? Carnegie has to fire up her curiosity, grill the guests, and burn off the false clues before her glitzy job goes up in smoke!
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Wedding planner Carnegie Kincaid goes back to Sun Valley in Idaho because her cousin died. He was a smoke jumper--jumped out of planes to fight fires. Carnegie wasn’t that close to Brian, but she returns because her friend B.J. needs her. Plus their old friend, Tracy Kane, was marrying Jack Packard, an old flame of Carnegie’s. Jack was also a smoke jumper.

Carnegie ends up helping with the wedding, against her better judgment. There are constant problems with flowers, etc., and most importantly the mother of the bride. The bride has her fair share of problems as well. Carnegie has to handle all of them. Can she handle Jack as well without getting into trouble? There are also all of Tracy’s Hollywood friends. Tracy is a famous TV actress.

All the while, Carnegie is missing her boyfriend Aaron in Seattle. And she’s looking into the death of Brian. Things don’t quite add up to an accident in her mind. Can she help B.J. and discover the truth about Brian’s death while creating the wedding of Tracy’s dreams? And can she do it without anyone else dying?

This is the second in this series that I have read. I really enjoy it. Carnegie is such a fun character. Deborah throws in lots of great humor and still has a well-constructed mystery. I find I devour the books quickly as they are so much fun to read.

In this book, I really liked how she had so many different things going on at once. Carnegie is being pulled in many different directions at once, but she handles them well. It seemed very believable to me. I also did not figure out the killer ahead which is a real plus to me.

I look forward to reading many more books in this series. I highly recommend this book and the whole series. It’s such a fun read!

Dawn Dowdle