The last things school psychologist Skye Denison expects to find in Scumble River are sex, drugs, and rock and roll, except maybe murder. But when her brother, Vince, forms a band called Pink Elephant, the town goes wild--and things get very weird.....
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Skye Denison is a school psychologist in Scumble River. Her brother’s band has just changed its name from Plastic Santa to Pink Elephant. It’s changed its sound from soft rock and roll to a sound so loud it made her ears almost bleed. They practice in Vince’s hair salon.

The band plays at the Valentine’s Day dance at the local high school. When a fire breaks out, Skye works hard to make sure everyone is out safely. Then Logan Wolfe, a band member, is found dead after the fire. There had been tension in the band recently. Heather , a groupie, wants to sign with the band. She wants it so bad, she slept with each band member hoping it would help. It didn’t. But once Logan, their lead singer, is dead, Heather is added to the band. Could she have killed Logan to get in?

Police Chief Wally Boyd is running for town mayor. His ex-wife, Darleen, has returned and is hoping to become “Mrs. Mayor.” Unfortunately she is very jealous of Skye and causes much trouble. There isn’t anything for her to be jealous about, but she still is.

Vince becomes Wally’s number one suspect in Logan’s death. Skye knows she must protect her brother and help find the real killer.

Simon, her boyfriend and the coroner and funeral home owner, has recently purchased the bowling alley. His mother arrived in town not long ago and after time and some discussions, he bought it so she could run it. The renovations are done and they have their open house.

Many strange occurrences happen in town and in neighboring towns with many youth. It comes to Skye’s attention that an influx of drugs has hit the area. She is trying to find the methamphetamine lab and shut it down.

This is another in a string of great books in this series. I love Skye and all the other characters. They all blend together to make a wonderful small-town atmosphere. Her family is always in the middle of things. Since her mother is a dispatcher, she often knows what’s happening before Skye. This makes it hard for Skye to do her sleuthing.

I highly recommend this book.

Dawn Dowdle