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From army brat to author

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Donna Dawson
Donna was born the youngest of six in a military family leaving her with a knowledge of army life and an interest in strategy. At age nineteen she married the best man on earth and over the course of the next few years became the mother of three delightful little girls.  At twenty-seven Donna turned her life over to Christ after much spiritual warfare and has since then enjoyed the freedom that comes with a relationship with Jesus. 
Since the empty nest has hit, she has intensified her love of books and writing combining them with her love of her Saviour to bring to the public faith based mysteries, non-fiction and romance stories.  She and her husband live near London, Ontario, Canada with their horses, dog and cats. While enjoying this new stage in their lives, they also treasure their frequent visits from their children and grandchildren.
Donna hopes to continue writing for many years to come.  Please feel free to share your feedback about The Adam & Eve Project or any other books of Donna's by contacting her through her website or by email.

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