For Katherine Kale, who has recently returned to the United States after teaching overseas for years, Maple Creek, Michigan, is the perfect American town, and the elegant blue Victorian on Walnut Street is the house of her dreams.

When she narrowly escapes eating a poisoned caramel apple at the annual Apple Fair, while another woman is not so lucky, Katherine suspects that Maple Creek may not be the paradise it seemed.  She determines to find out who would lace a caramel apple with deadly poison.

Her first clue, unearthed while planting chrysanthemums in her garden, is an antique cameo.  Damaged but hauntingly beautiful, the cameo is a clue from the past that may lead her to the killer and explain a mysterious murder that no one realized had occurred.

THE CAMEO CLUE was a Reviewers Choice nominee for the Best Small Press Paranormal and Futuristic Award.
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Katherine Kale has purchased the elegant blue Victorian on Walnut Street in Maple Creek, Michigan. She will soon be teaching in a local school. Not long after moving in, strange things start happening.

Not long after meeting her, Cora Valentine is poisoned at the annual Apple Fair, and Katherine is almost poisoned as well. Maybe Maple Creek isn’t the perfect town after all.

Katherine finds a damaged antique cameo while planting chrysanthemums in her backyard. Accidents start happening to Katherine. Garth, her new friend and possible love interest, always seems to show up to help out at just the right time. Could he be involved? Then there is Lieutenant Dalton Gray of the local police department.

Does everything relate to Cora’s death, or is this something larger than that? Katherine is determined to find out. But can she do it without putting herself at peril?

I enjoyed this book. The twists in the plot kept me wondering who did it and why. I liked Katherine and thought she was a determined woman, but the author kept a good balance with the investigation and the love interest. I highly recommend this book.

Dawn Dowdle