After a John Doe arrives unconscious to the intensive care unit of St. Teresa’s Hospital, head nurse Monika Everhardt learns he might be a man thought killed in NYC on 9/11. Monika tries to discover the man’s identity “for his mother’s sake.” At the same time a recently remarried widow is in a coma following a vicious beating, and her husband is suspected of attempting to murder her for her money.  Monika thinks he’s innocent but knows she’s biased by his resemblance to her own husband’s death recently on her mind.  Back from a trip to DC where she couldn’t find his name on the Vietnam Wall, Monika wonders: Is he really dead?  And is the unidentified patient lying in intensive care the man assumed dead as his mother insists?  As complications develop and both patients hover near death, Monika struggles to uncover the truth before her patients die.