MURDer off the books
A retired Irish Cop and a fast-food loving Irish Wolfhound search for the campus murderer while dealing with a scooter-riding senior, a crazed exterminator, and a makeup artist whose mid-life crisis isn't any the less stressful because her dead clients never complain.

A half-million dollars has vanished and a college comptroller is dead. Mac Sullivan, recently retired D.C. cop and newly-minted private detective, really has no interest in the murder. Mac just needs to find the embezzled money. Finding the killer is a bonus he's not sure he wants to earn.
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Mackenzie "Mac" Sullivan is a retired DC cop. He is now a private investigator and takes his Irish Wolfhound Whiskey on many stakeouts. He uses the many vehicles his friend Jeff has. Jeff runs the local funeral home, but on the side he has various vehicles, including a pest control van and taxis.

Mac is trying to find a half-million dollars that has been embezzled. He works for the insurance company, but is soon hired by some teenagers to find Dan, the person the police believe is behind the embezzlement and a murder.

Mac stakes out Rachel Brenner's house. Dan is her brother. In the course of the stakeout, Mac and Rachel meet. After they discover another murder, Rachel doesn't know who to believe. Did her brother kill someone? Did he steal the money? Is he being set up? Can Rachel and Mac solve this mystery without putting themselves and her son in danger?

I loved this fast paced mystery. There are plenty of twists in the plot to keep you guessing. Mac and Rachel are both great characters. And Jeff and his zany vehicles really add to the story. Then there's Rachel's senior citizen neighbor that keeps popping up and enhancing the story.

I can't wait to read another book by this author. I highly recommend this book.

Dawn Dowdle

Murder Off the Books is a fast-paced, engaging read with memorable characters and a plot that never quits. Readers are sure to hang on and enjoy the invigorating, unpredictable ride.

Judith Kelman, The Session and Backward in High Heels

...suspenseful, fast moving, and funny. Before the mystery is solved, Rachel is up to her ears in conflicts...and needs all of her wit and grit to survive. Readers should enjoy this entertaining tale.

Philip Craig, Dead in Vineyard Sand