Honora Finkelstein &
Susan Smily

Co-authors of The Ariel Quigley Mystery Series

Honora Finkelstein & Susan Smily
Honora Finkelstein has been a U. S. Navy intelligence officer, college professor, small-press publisher, prize-winning newspaper editor, television producer, workshop leader across the U.S., in Canada, and in Europe, and talk show host (otherwise known as an “agent provocateur”). Like Ariel Quigley, she reads Tarot cards and sometimes talks to ghosts.

Susan Smily taught elementary school for 25 years, acquiring a gray hair for every student she taught. An author, publisher, and workshop leader, she was once the Science Teacher of the Year (cover girl) for the Boreal Science Supply Catalogue and as a result had coffee stains on her face in every high school in Canada.

Mysteries by Authors:

Other Books by Authors:

  • Finkelstein:
  • Magicians (visionary fiction)
  • I Am Anima (poetry chapbook)
  • Kundilini Rising (poetry chapbook)
  • Syzygy (poetry chapbook)
  • Smily:
  • Pianissimo (play)
  • The Growing Spirit (poetry chapbook)

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