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Pseudonym for Gayle Trent

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You might think it would take a lot of audacity to presume to know who or what “the perfect woman” might be.  You’d be right.  The advertisers in THE PERFECT WOMAN think they know—particularly Kurt Benson.  But I wrote this book to help women understand that we’re all “perfect” as long as we’re happy with who we are.

On the back of the book, my bio reads “Holly Jordan is the Perfect Woman.  Okay, not really, but humor her, would you?  Actually, she’s an imperfect woman who is living her dreams.  She works at home and has the most wonderful family ever.”

So how about you?  Are you living your dreams?  Are you happy?  Are you living the life you’ve always wanted to live?  To my husband, I really am “the perfect woman.”  To my children, I’m the perfect mom (usually).  ;-) 

For each of you who reads this, I wish you happiness and a lifetime of blessings. Just remember, sometimes you have to lift your head and look around you to realize what those blessings are.

Maybe, like me, it has taken you a while to gather your blessings.  If so, then you know the wait made them all the sweeter.

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