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How to be an Author at the Beach

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Hope McIntyre
Hope McIntyre lives at the beach in Amagansett, New York where the second book in the series featuring ghostwriter Lee Bartholomew, HOW TO MARRY A GHOST is set. The first book, HOW TO SEDUCE A GHOST, is set in Notting Hill in London, where Hope lived before moving to America.

Hope McIntyre was born in London, the daughter of an English army officer who was posted abroad for most of Hope's childhood.  She grew up in Holland, Germany, Africa (Egypt, the Sudan) and Paris.  Her mother was South African, which resulted in visits to Cape Town to see her grandparents.

She had little formal education, leaving school at sixteen and working subsequently as a production assistant on movies, as a story editor for movie studios, as a journalist and for 22 years as a fiction editorial director in London and New York publishing.  As well as the Lee Bartholomew mystery series, she is the author of five books under her own name Caroline Upcher and under that name she also runs an online editorial service, FIRST BASE, for first time authors from her website.

Mysteries by Author:

Other Books by Author:

  • under the name Caroline Upcher:
  • Falling For Mr. Wrong
  • The Visitors' Book
  • Grace And Favor
  • Down By The Water
  • The Boathouse

For lots more information, please visit Hope McIntyre at www.carolineupcher.com.