antiques to die for
After setting up shop as an antiques appraiser, Josie Prescott’s life has not gone according to plan: business is booming and she has good friends and a promising romance—but dead bodies keep crossing her path.

And now, a friend is killed just hours after confiding a secret to Josie, leaving a bereaved sister who reminds Josie of herself when her mother died.

It turns out that the victim had other secrets, too: a mysterious treasure she told her sister she was leaving behind—and a secret admirer who now seems to be turning his creepy attention to Josie. 

Can you imagine what it would be like to be a 12-year old orphan whose sister is murdered? Can you imagine what it would be like if your sister told you that you owned a treasure—a priceless antique—but you don’t know what it is or where it is?

Set on the beautiful and rugged New Hampshire coastline, Antiques to Die For is filled with antiques lore and complex plot twists.

In the end, using her knowledge of antiques, Josie finds the valuable treasure—and solves the crime. And in doing so, she gives a young girl hope.
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Josie Prescott is an antiques appraiser. Her friend Rosalie Chaffee is found drowned. Josie had just spent time with her. When Rosalie's twelve-year-old sister Paige contacts her about a treasure Rosalie had alluded to that would set them up for life, Josie sets out to help discover it through doing an appraisal. She soon finds out that Rosalie had many secrets: a secret lover, a secret admirer, and secret treasure.

Rosalie's secret admirer seems to have fixated on Josie now. Josie's boyfriend, Police Chief Ty Alvarez, works to keep Josie safe, even though he's off to explore a new job.

Can Josie make sense of everything and follow the clues to find the treasure? Is there really a treasure?

The New Hampshire setting is so wonderful. Even though I'm not an antiques enthusiast, I enjoy all the descriptions of the antiques and the antiques world. It's fascinating. The author gives enough information but doesn't hit the reader over the head with it. I like that.

We really get some insight into Josie through her relationship with Paige and their similar pasts. I love all the people who work for Josie as well. Sounds like a fun place to work.

The author does a great job of intertwining the antiques information and the mystery plot. There are plenty of twists and suspects to keep the reader guessing. I highly recommend this book.

Dawn Dowdle

In Cleland’s engaging third Josie Prescott mystery to feature the New Hampshire antiques dealer (after 2007’s Deadly Appraisal), Josie is stunned to learn that her fun-loving friend, Rosalie Chaffee, has been found, drowned, on the Rocky Point shore. When it becomes clear Rosalie was a victim of foul play, suspicion falls on Rosalie’s boss at Heyer’s Modular Furniture, his scheming wife and Rosalie’s gorgeous volunteer fireman boyfriend. The warm, endearing Josie decides not only to investigate but also to take care of Rosalie’s 12-year-old sister, Paige. Aided by a large support group of well-drawn characters headed by her police chief boyfriend, Josie follows such clues as an old diary, an artist’s palette and a misplaced tote bag. Among other antique lore, readers will learn the difference between a highboy and a tallboy in this cleverly crafted cozy.
Publisher's Weekly, 2008-02-04

ANTIQUES TO DIE FOR sets the gold standard for the classic contemporary cozy. Agatha-finalist Jane K. Cleland's writing is top-notch; her plotting and pace smooth and assured. This antiquing series is in mint condition!
Julia Spencer-Fleming, Edgar finalist and author of ALL MORTAL FLESH

The third in the series (Deadly Appraisal, 2007, etc.) contains all the usual antiques lore along with romance and a fine set of suspects.

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