Consigned to Death, an Antiques Roadshow for mystery fans, is the first in a traditional mystery series featuring antiques appraiser, Josie Prescott. Set on the rugged New Hampshire coast, Josie uses her knowledge of antiques to solve the crimes.
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Josie Prescott’s antiques auction business is becoming a success when one of her new clients, Mr. Grant, is murdered and Josie is the prime suspect.

In New York, she had blown the whistle on her former employer’s price-fixing scam. She doesn’t want her new life in New Hampshire to fall apart. She decides to set out to find the real killer.

She soon discovers there were more items that Mr. Grant hadn’t mentioned to her. Why? What are they? Where are they? As she delves deeper and deeper to answers these questions, she uncovers many suspects and motives. Who killed nice Mr. Grant and why?

I really enjoyed this book. I am not into antiques, but that didn’t matter. A knowledge of them is not needed to read this wonderful book. It kept me guessing who the killer was, along with the motive, and I found the book hard to put down. The story really drew me in.

I loved the New Hampshire setting as well as Josie. She was so real and likeable. We really got to know her since the book was written in first person. I liked that. The auction house employees were well crafted as well. I enjoyed the glimpse we get into each of them. I really look forward to reading the next book in this series and getting to know everyone even better. I highly recommend this book.

Dawn Dowdle

Beautifully crafted, thoroughly enjoyable.
Margaret Maron, author of High Country Fall

Antiques Roadshow fans and mystery lovers will delight in this erudite debut and hope for a series featuring the resourceful Josie.
Kirkus Review

Learn from my mistake: Don’t start this one at bedtime.

Donna Andrews, author of Owl's Well that Ends Well