Referred to as “an Antiques Roadshow for mystery fans,” the Josie Prescott antiques mystery series features antiques appraiser Josie Prescott who uses her knowledge of antiques to solve crimes. In the second book in the series, Josie Prescott's life in New Hampshire is proceeding more or less as planned, despite her involvement in a murder investigation last year. Her business is thriving, her friendship with the local police chief has become something much more intimate, and she’s even collected a few candidates for close friends. Not bad after completely uprooting her life as a New York City auction house expert and starting fresh.

With so much suddenly to lose, Josie’s heart falls when another suspicious death occurs very close to her new world—Maisy Gaylor drops dead at a charity benefit gala Josie is hosting. Everyone in the prep area—including Josie—are on the short list of suspects—or wait—maybe Josie was the intended victim.

Can Josie ferret out the truth and still find the energy to develop the web of social connections that might just keep her grounded in her new life?
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Josie Prescott's new life in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, is going well until a friend, and the benefit organizer, is poisoned at a gala benefit she's hosting.

Detective Rowcliff isn't easy to deal with, especially since he isn't sure if Josie is a suspect, the intended victim, or is just holding back information.

Unfortunately Josie's new love, Rocky Point Police Chief Ty Alvarez, is out of town taking care of a sick aunt and isn't much support or help to Josie in this situation.

Soon Josie sees everyone as a potential suspect, even her staff. Plus she has some close calls herself. Also a valuable tureen goes missing from the benefit's auction. She knows she must help solve this murder quickly so that life can get back to normal. Reporter Wes Smith helps Josie get to the truth. Can Josie figure out who the murderer is before any more harm comes to her or her business?

I love this series. Josie is such a fun character. Even though antiques are not my thing, I really enjoy this antiques mystery series. The mystery is very well crafted and the information about antiques does not hit us over the heads. The author has done a great job of this!

I love the New Hampshire setting as well. Great place to set a mystery. I highly recommend this book and the series.

Dawn Dowdle