Jeff Markowitz

Author of the tabloid reporter and amateur sleuth Cassie O'Malley series

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Jeff Markowitz
Jeff Markowitz is the author of the Cassie O'Malley Mysteries, quirky stories set deep in the New Jersey Pine Barrens. For more than thirty years, Jeff has worked in the non-profit sector developing programs that enhance quality of life. Recently he discovered that he has something of a flair for killing people. In 2004, Jeff released his first mystery--Who is Killing Doah's Deer?--introducing tabloid reporter and amateur sleuth Cassie O'Malley. Now Cassie
is back in A Minor Case of Murder (Five Star, November 2006), investigating a deadly combination of love and minor league baseball. Jeff lives in New Jersey with his wife and teenage son. He is an Active Member of the Mystery Writers of America.

Jeff loves to write early in the morning. "You can usually find me at my computer at 5:30 in the morning," he says, "plotting someone's murder."

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