the coffin watchers
The watchers that night who saw only blackness and the suggestion of trees massed against an ebony sky claimed later that they knew something would happen. Some probably cursed their ill luck that they hadn't chosen the right hour to watch; others probably feigned disappointment but secretly rejoiced that they hadn't seen it. But one watcher, enveloped in fog and superstition, neither rejoiced nor cursed, viewing the spectacle merely as an eyewitness to the centuries-old custom and accepting the dubious honor that added his name to the meager list of Those Who Had Seen. A watcher didn't see a ghost every night. The ghost seen this year is tied to the custom of Watching the Church Porch-a sighting of a person's spirit foreshadows that person's death within the year. Frightening, but not unusual. But it is odd, because someone else dies. And in circumstances leaving no doubt the death is murder-by a human hand. The CID Team from the Derbyshire Constabulary begins sorting through motives and opportunities. It isn't until another death and a life is threatened that Brenna finally uncovers the ruthless murderer who has devastated so many families.