First a teenage dancing girl bleeds to death in the back seat of a Bentley being hauled to Rebecca Moore's shop. when a second dancer surfaces in the Potomac River, Rebecca goes undercover at a gentlemen's club hoping to prevent more senseless murders, including her own.
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Rebecca Moore is back in another great mystery.  Two of her ex-con workers are arrested because a brutally stabbed young dancer is found in the Bentley they were towing back to Rebecca’s classic car restoration shop.  Then another young dancer from the same club is pulled from the Potomac.  Rebecca puts herself undercover at the club to see what she can discover. 

This is, of course, against the wishes of Joachim Delacroix (her lawyer who greatly admires her) and Mick Hagan (her detective sometime boyfriend).  

Mick butts heads with the officer in charge of the investigation and thus cannot even set foot into the club.  Jo feels uncomfortable there with Rebecca undercover but feels someone should be keeping an eye on her.  

Rebecca works to get to know some of the other dancers and see if she can determine who the killer is.  But she has to be careful.  She doesn’t know whether the killer works there or just frequents the club.  Can she find the killer without becoming his next victim?

I love this series.  Rebecca is such a fun character.  She runs her late uncle’s car restoration shop after leaving her career as a DC reporter.  Her reporter skills come in handy in investigation murder.  Plus she still has some contacts to get information.

Mick is another great character.  The tension between Jo and Mick and also between Mick and Rebecca really makes this series good.  Plus add the tension between Jo and Rebecca.

I like the touch of having ex-cons working at the shop.  It always spices things up. 

Ms. Skillings has a real winner!  I can’t wait to read the next book.  I highly recommend Dangerous Curves, as well as the first book Dead End.

Dawn Dowdle