IAlex St. James could cheerfully wring her ex-lover’s neck. Returning home from an awards dinner where he humiliated her before all her peers, she discovers that one of her neighbors has been murdered. Drawn into the investigation, Alex uses her connections at Midwest Focus NewsMagazine to help the police find the killer but soon finds herself being stalked by a vicious ex-con.
Alex is juggling several personal matters as well: an extended visit from her handicapped sister; and love-life issues involving two attractive men, one of whom may just have the power to mend Alex’s bruised ego.

After a key player in the investigation is murdered, Alex pushes harder and is soon poised to expose the truth. That is, until she finds herself alone with the killer, a formidable foe with a Deadly Interest in her future.
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Alex St. James, a TV reporter in Chicago, comes home from a night of public humiliation by her former lover to find her elderly neighbor, Evelyn Vicks, has been murdered. Earlier that evening Mrs. Vicks had asked Alex for help with a financial situation. Feeling guilty from pushing her off, Alex does some investigating into Mrs. Vicks’ life.

She discovers Mrs. Vicks had been secretly looking into the lending practice’s of the banks she worked at. Mrs. Vicks’ son is soon hounding Alex because he was promised money from his mother and the bank won’t let him see her safe deposit box. Add to that the fact that Alex has been attacked and appears to be stalked, Alex knows she must help the police find her killer and fast.

I couldn’t put this book down. I kept picking it up to read another chapter to find out what happened. I loved Alex. She is such a great character. Her being a TV reporter really added to the story.

I can’t wait to read more in this series. I highly recommend this book! Just make sure you have lots of time to read as you’ll not want to put it down!

Dawn Dowdle