Murder at a small county fair Arabian Horse show? Not possible. But Ellen McKenzie is staring at the body of a young groom, pinned to a hay bale by a pitchfork. Who could have wanted him dead? It seems several people, and they are all connected to the show barn where Ellen's daughter has taken a summer job.  Worried that somehow Susannah might be in danger, Ellen starts asking questions. It isn't until the second body is found, in the bathroom of the prestigious Region Two Arabian show in Santa Barbara that Ellen realizes she had better find the murderer, and fast, before he or she strikes again. She's too late. Ellen and Susannah end up locked in a horse van, hurtling through the night to what looks like almost certain death.
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First, let me say that I am not a horse enthusiast.  That said, I don’t think you have to be one to read this book.   

Ellen McKenzie’s daughter, Susannah, works on a local horse farm.  Ellen discovers a dead man in a barn with a pitch form buried into his chest at a horse show.  Her boyfriend, Chief of Police Dan Denton, investigates.  It is discovered that the victim was a new employee at the local horse farm and was a meth addict.  Dan feels there is a connection between drugs and the horse shows. 

Ellie sells real estate in town and is asked to price selling the horse farm.  Due to the murder, Ellie feels that even though she’s unsure of how to price it, she needs to stay close to Susannah and the farm.  So she goes to meet with the owner. 

Dan continually asks Susannah to quit her job and Ellie to stay out of things.  But Ellie and Susannah are in the middle of it all and quickly decide that they need to figure out who the killer is before they find themselves in danger.  Unfortunately they don’t stay totally out of danger before the end of the book. 

I really liked Ellen.  Her relationship with Dan was well written and enjoyable.  It’s a great romantic mystery. 

With plenty of twists and excitement, this book will keep your interest.  I recommend it.

Dawn Dowdle